About me

I am a programmer from Brighton, UK. Since completing my BSc Computer Science at the University of Sussex I have been working as a web developer for various agencies in the Brighton area.

I currently work as a Senior Developer for 3ev, an award-winning agency based in Hove. Working at 3ev gives me a great platform to improve my skillset and try out a lot of new things.

I take pride in keeping up with latest technologies. You can find the source for this site on GitHub. It runs on Rails and uses lots of other things.

My other passion lies in video games. This harks back to the early days of the N64 (F-Zero X, anyone?), which ensured I was hooked enough to carry on playing incessantly for about 15 years and take a stab at making games myself. I built a C++ game engine for my degree dissertation, and am looking to build on it in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about me and what I do, have a look at my CV and Github profile. I can be easily contacted using the details below, and am always open to new opportunities. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, I’ll happily reciprocate the favour!